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Clinical Optics Made Easy

The Fabled 2nd Edition

Available in the following locations:

Amazon               ebook and Paperback

Apple Books       ebook

Barnes & Noble  ebook

The 2nd edition with over 800 practice questions is finally here. Now you, too, can enjoy the humorous journey into the world of clinical optics enjoyed by eye care professionals in over eight countries. The relaxed style of Dr. Wiggins' writing speaks to you as if over a big cup of coffee, and, believe me—you'll need it.


Whether you're looking to understand more about clinical optics or prepping for the boards, Clinical Optics Made Easy: The Fabled Second Edition walks you through concepts in an easy-to-understand fashion, then puts you in the driver's seat with more practice questions than a normal person could ever want. There's even a big final at the end your whole family will enjoy—assuming they're eye care professionals. Think of it as a board game you're required to play.

Comments on Clinical Optics Made Easy Videos (from YouTube)

"My European board of ophthalmology exams are coming up and these are hands down the Best clinical optics videos I have ever seen! I will be sharing with everyone! Thank you!"

[Better Cataract Surgery Through Donuts] "Very informative video (and fun to watch). The diagrams clearly explain the mechanics of nuclear division in modern cataract surgery."