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The second installment of the Arkansas Traveler series finds happily-married Dr. Melvin Napier boarding a plane—a plane destined to crash over fifty years in the past. Stranded and injured in 1950 Little Rock, Melvin keeps his identity quiet as he works to return to all he holds dear: a wife, two sons, and chocolate Pop-Tarts.

But when rumors spread that a good-looking, single young doctor has arrived in the small Southern city, Melvin's problems have only just begun. Sally Davis, his unfiltered, snarky, next-door neighbor, will stop at nothing to make him fall in love with her, including deceit, fake-dating, and some light breaking and entering. The only thing she won't do is reveal her most guarded secret.

Join us on this captivating journey as Melvin fights his way back to his one true love. Or has he found another?