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Spotlight on Davis Street Publishing's Author: MN Wiggins

MN Wiggins is a writer, musician, and Professor of Ophthalmology from a small town in Arkansas. At the request of his students, he wrote Clinical Optics Made Easy in 2018, followed by a second edition in 2023. Since then, he's narrated a series of lectures in clinical optics that have been viewed in twelve countries and translated into three languages. 


He debuted in the field of creative writing with Magical Arkansas Tales in 2022, a collection of short stories co-written with his imaginative son. Since then, his work has focused on The Arkansas Traveler Series: The Sugarfield Sugar Cookie: Sweet Southern Drama in 2022, followed by Letters of the Arkansas Traveler in 2023, and, most recently, Physician's Guide to Homicide, providing readers with a humerous and satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.


MN Wiggins short stories may be found here:


Happy Birthday, Dr. Napier  2023 Summer/Fall Issue of Medicine and Meaning

Mal Ojo                                       Black Petals Issue #107, Spring, 2024

The Well                                       Currently in production for the horror podcast, Thirteen, release date TBD.

Promise the Moon                       Currently in production for the horror podcast, Creepy, release date TBD.




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