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Spotlight on Davis Street Publishing's Author: MN Wiggins

MN Wiggins is a writer and musician from a small town in Arkansas who does a little Ophthalmology on the side. He fell in love with teaching Optics as a faculty member at Arkansas around 2004 and, at the request of his students, wrote Clinical Optics Made Easy in 2018, followed by a second edition in 2023.


Well-published in the medical literature, he turned to creative writing, publishing Magical Arkansas Tales in 2022, a collection of short stories co-written with his imaginative son. Since then, his work has included two novels, The Sugarfield Sugar Cookie: Sweet Southern Drama in 2022 and Letters of the Arkansas Traveler: Lost in Time in 2023.


His latest short story, Happy Birthday, Dr. Napier, can be found in the 2023 Summer/Fall issue of Medicine and Meaning.



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